Liquorice Moon Studios

Liquorice Moon Studios

Eve is the hands on creator of Liquorice Moon Studios. “I grew up in a creative family of artist, designers, photographers & makers. From a young age I have been surrounded by talented people making a living from their art so I always assumed that I would do the same.”

“My love of ceramics started as a child. Growing up I lived above a pottery studio in Avalon, on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. My sister and I would play in the studio and make little coil pots with our grandmother.”

“I always knew that I wanted a creative career, yet I found it hard to pin down exactly which one. After high school I studied Fashion Design whilst working weekends as a Face Painter. On completing my course, I decided to teach myself photography. From there I worked as a face painter and photographer for about 8 years as I raised our two children, Aylah now 10 and Tao 8. As Tao approached school age I started thinking about my next career move. My dream was to work from home so that I could always be available for my kids as they went through school and to avoid the 9-5 typical work shift.”




“Having had such fond memories of playing with clay when I was a kid, I bought a block of clay and began experimenting. I became hooked instantly. I gradually taught myself to throw pots on the pottery wheel, mix glazes and kiln fire my pieces through reading books and watching Youtube tutorials, plus lots of practice and mistakes. I began taking photos of my pieces and created an Instagram account @liquorice_moon_studios. As I grew as a potter, so did my Instagram following. I then opened my online Etsy store to give people a place to purchase my pieces and support my hobby, which then become my work. The whole process has been a massive, massive challenge (ceramics is much more difficult than it appears!), however I feel it’s the challenges that keep me so inspired and interested in my work.”

When I’m not working I love spending time at the beach, eating out, visiting friends and family or just hanging out with my kids. I work on my pottery most days, so I fit leisure time in between my work commitments.”

Liquorice Moon Studios was born 3 years ago when I stared posting images on Instagram of my first pottery projects. People seemed to like them, started ordering and it flowed on from there.

“I hand make high fired stoneware ceramics. I sell my work on Etsy (a creatives online market place, where each seller has their own personal ‘shop’. Mine is ) and also in a number of shops Australia wide. I make homeware items, such as mugs, jewellery bowls, bells, planters, bangles, plates & platters.”




I don’t often think about trying to have an edge over competitors or any of that business related ‘stuff’. I make what I like and what I use in my home. I get inspired easily and I’m always enthusiastic to try new things (despite the headache it causes when they don’t turn out!), so my pieces are always changing and evolving. I try to keep people interested by always posting visually appealing images on Instagram and also by working and engaging personally with customers, to create them one off custom pieces.”

I LOVE running my own business. The best part for me is the control over my time. I can be with my kids when they need me, take holidays when I want to & create what I want to. It’s A LOT of work, but the freedom is worth it!”

“One of challenges of running a business is how much time and effort you need to put in to running your own business. I work early mornings, late nights and weekends in order to work around the kids and simply get it all done! I work alone, so I do everything from buying materials, cleaning the studio, mixing my glazes, hand making, hand painting, sanding, stamping and waxing the bases of pots, glazing, stacking the kilns, unloading kilns and wrapping, packing and sending orders, plus I take all my own images, do all my own Instagram posts and office work etc. Lately my mum Linda & sister Kate ( @stolenheartdesign ) have been helping out a bit in the studio (with Christmas coming up there’s a lot to do!), so that has been a massive help!”




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