Electric Confetti

Electric Confetti

Natalie is a busy mum of three children under 4 and is the owner and creator of Electric Confetti. Natalie was raised in her fathers antique shop and that created her loved of old packaging. This love of typography and vintage signs led to a fascination with neon. “I wanted a sign for our house, but could only find man cave style beer-related signs!”

“I have always had a strong interest in art and drawing. After studying design and art history at Uni in New Zealand I crossed the Tasman in 2007 to live in Melbourne. I soon got a job at a publishing house designing book covers. A few years later I freelanced as a designer for other publishers” she says.

Electric Confetti signs are designed to make a huge impact. “They add so much warmth and personality to a space. It really lets you reflect who you are and inspires other decisions such as the choosing of complementary textiles. I prefer stuff that errs on the side of the fun/colourful aesthetic – you can never have too much colour!”

“We really draw on our experience as designers. We gather the customers ideas, and offer advice based on the purpose of their neon. We then draw up some concepts in adobe illustrator, and send them to the client. When they are happy we send the drawings for manufacture. As they’re made by hand, they can take 6-8 weeks for completion”

“Because a lot of our work is custom, it works with many demographics! We also do off the shelf work, which is popular with mums with kids. Wedding neons are always very popular. Similarly logos for businesses to use at trade fairs and in their shops are a big seller. We cater to such a wide audience!”




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