D McNaughton Art

D McNaughton Art

Deb was previously a primary school teacher who always had a love for creativity, adventure and fun. “Now, a mum with a love for creativity, adventure and fun!” she says. “While at home with a newborn in 2015, I reignited my passion and flair for painting. Until then, I hadn’t really found the time with a full time job and a hectic social life. I painted a large contemporary piece for our dining room and posted it on social media once it was hanging proud and from there, D McNaughton Art was born. Family and friends came from every direction wanting me to do paintings for them. I started a facebook page and an Instagram account and not long after, I invested in a fully functioning website and here I am now”

“Initially, my biggest challenge was the balance between work life and Mum life. I found myself juggling and always chasing my own tail. It was a battle in my brain between spending such precious moments with my newborn and attempting to make money and meet client deadlines. I was working while baby slept and every moment I had to myself but that meant I was never giving myself a break or rest. Once both the boys started daycare a couple of days a week I could put 100% into my business on workdays and 100% into my children every other day. This is how it will stay until they start Primary School”

“My core business is creating commissioned artworks for clients. They come to me wanting bright, statement artwork for their homes and workspaces. I work with the client to decide the best size canvas for the space, the style they like and the colour palette to match their current décor and compliment the space. From this, my business has extended into private workshops in my studio, an array of original hand made products and some fabulous partnerships and contacts abroad.”




Deb is getting a reputation for affordable, bright, statement artwork. “Clients are also enjoying my range of products and the fact I am always working on something new. There are always more surprises around the corner. In an industry where everyone is trying to stand out somehow, I like the challenge of coming up with something different. Something that isn’t already being done”

D McNaughton Art has given Deb the opportunity to work from home and find a balance between work life and mum life. I am blessed to be able to do what I love every day. I also love the reactions I get from my clients when they pick up their artwork. Photos don’t do the artwork justice so it’s always so lovely to see their faces light up when they see their commissioned piece for the first time”

“I LOVE my placemats and coasters. They are so vibrant and different to anything else on the market. They have been a very popular gift and I think will be a hit in the lead up to Christmas”




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