Meet Aneira May, the owner and creator of ASH+LIME. “I am 30 years old and a mother of 3 kids (2 girls, 8 & 9 and a boy, 4). I married to my soul mate in March 2013, we met when we were 19 and were friends for 6 years before the stars aligned and we got our sh!t together!

My background is actually automotive! I have worked in spare parts stores since I was 17. There’s not a lot of repairs I can’t do to a vehicle, I recently helped replace a motor in my 1970 Jag with my husband. When I’m not working, I’m in the garden or working on my beloved Jag! I’ve loved gardening and cars since I was little. I’d spend hours with my Dad in the shed, watching him tinker. I’m also an avid op shopper! There’s nothing better than a vintage bargain and our home shows that! I also love to spend time at my Father in laws ‘Mount Romance’ property in Denmark of Western Australias South West” Aneira says.

ASH+LIME make cement vessels that are used for succulents and candles. Every piece is hand made in the back shed of Aneira’s home. “I pour the cement, prep them for painting, paint them and even pour the candles! The succulents are grown in my greenhouse, either from cuttings or leaf propagation”

“I started ASH+LIME in March 2015. I’ve collected succulents since 2014 and was always looking for something other than terracotta pots to display them. I made my first concrete pot in Feb 2015 and haven’t looked back since!”

“I would have to say most of my designs are the most unique that you’ll find. A lot are my own and I’m quite proud of that! It’s so hard to come up with your own designs and make it on your own. It took a long time to find my own little niche. Some of my techniques are quite simple and easy but are my best kept secret! I have one special shaped vessel that was the first of its kind in Australia. I picked up the moulds while spending some time in the UK last year. They come from Europe and aren’t available in Australia”.



ASH+LIME has made it possible for Aneira to be home with her kids. “No one can afford child care fees and I didn’t have kids to have someone else bring them up! I can work to my own hours, at my own pace. I answer to no one by myself”.

Her current favourite design is the unicorn poop design. “Every time I paint it, it comes out different. No two vessels ever look the same”.

Aneira has faced her fair share of challenges “Geez, where do I start! I have encountered a lot of unfriendly ‘competition’! A lot of people keep this part quiet but seriously for a while, it plagued me to no end for a while. It’s even worse when you sort of know the person personally and they target you directly! These people went so far as to befriend people I’d known since high school and had them spy on me on my own facebook! They rang some of my wholesalers and spread lies causing me to lose one of the biggest stockists ever! It makes you wonder what goes through some peoples heads! BUT I have some fantastic friends (some of which make what I do!) and they helped me realise that those nasty people don’t pay your bills so why let them get to me?! You just need to focus on yourself, your business, your family and get on with it!”



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