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Kenzie Collective


Marayna is the owner and creator or Kenzie Collective “Prior to Kenzie Collective, I was a primary school teacher. Teaching was my everything, before kids (& running a small business). Oh how times change! Will I ever return to teaching? I am not sure. I am having wayyyy too much fun creating and running my own biz to even consider it, ATM. My family is my #1 priority so when I am not working, I am ‘running amuk’ with them. Park hangs, coffee stops, shopping, going on road trips are always high on our list of activities” she says

Kenzie Collective is the ultimate accessories destination. “We sell everything from earrings to brooches to clutches to necklaces to headbands to hair ties…. the list goes on. Our variety is extensive and we LOVE accessorising from head toe. We have been up and running for 3.5 years and we have evolved, over time. At first, we were known as Kenzie Accessories as we just stocked our own jewellery. At that stage we did not stock other labels, online. After roughly 10 months in business, it was time to take the plunge and expand our range. From that day forth, we live and breath accessories. Now, we stock 50+ labels, along with designing and creating our own accessories, all from the comfort of our home”

“Our daughter Mackenzie is our inspiration! Even though I was a teacher and it was my chosen career, I had always wanted to be a small business owner and dreamt of establishing myself as a creator. I have always love accessories, colour, patterns and being creative. When I went on maternity leave, I was so bored! I was so used to always being on the ‘go’ that I thought, it was now or never. After a solid 6 months or planning, we launched and it was the best feeling ever! Mackenzie is happy, colourful, a risk taker, daring, adventurous – everything our label is”





Always staying true to herself has helped keep their products unique. “Be different and learn to embrace those things that are not considered ‘the norm’. Don’t listen to the people who tell you what you should/n’t wear. Be confident in who you are and embrace your individuality. It has always been so important that we follow this advice. From day one, we wanted to create a place where people felt comfortable in their own skin, where they could celebrate wearing whatever they desire. That is our point of difference and that is what we are known for. We take risks when it comes to accessories and that is something a lot of competitors don’t do.”

Marayna enjoys fact that having running her own business has given her the opportunity to meet and build many relationships with so many other small business owners, especially mums. “It is so rewarding to be able to celebrate success with other likeminded women”

“I absolutely LOVE statement dangles. I always pick my accessories first and then plan my outfit around those pieces. But in saying that, I also enjoy wearing some of our more simple stud earrings. So, to be a fence sitter, I am going to say that my most favourite products are earrings because that covers all bases!”

Running Kenzie Collective with two children has made Marayna very adaptable to changes on the go “Mackenzie is nearly 4 and we also have a 4 month old, Jim. What worked prior to Jim being born changed sooo much. We had to find a new way of doing everything. We had to redo all of our daily plans, our weekly checklists – everything! We had to take a step back and lead our business down a different path. I have learnt to take each day as it comes. I have learnt to be kind to myself and I have learnt that it is ok to stop what you are doing, get some fresh air and rest! It’s taken a long time to get to this point however, I am happy to say that I am on the road to finding BALANCE”



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