Emily Dornbusch is the owner and creator of Emeldo. “I have just recently finished working full time with cotton on group as the creative specialist for Cotton On Kids whereby I planned and rolled out all the kids photoshoots globally. I love being involved with photoshoots and creating beautiful content.”

“My partner and I have just spent the last 3 months travelling Canada, USA and Mexico which was amazing and so rewarding knowing that we were both offered jobs whist we were away. It really puts into perspective that you don’t have to be working 8:30-5:30 every day to achieve your dreams and things fall into place when the time is right. I obviously didn’t take any roles as I am working whole heartedly on Emeldo now.” she says.

“We also have just purchased a house in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula which we look forward to renovating in November this year! Emeldo HQ will operate out of there so I will finally have a space I love and can be in everyday!”

“Emeldo came about in 2011 when I was 21. It came about by accident to be honest, I had always loved statement jewellery and as a kid used to make jewellery to sell at the markets (also rarely sold anything because it was always so awful). I used to still make jewellery for myself but it was the boldness and craziness of the pieces I created and the fact I was older and knew what was “cool” that really allowed it to take off. I had support of friends who wanted to purchase pieces so it really organically fell into place. I was also featured on the design files which was the big breaking point for Emeldo and I recently contacted them to remind them of how they have changed my life through that crazy good support all those years ago. I now have branched out into earrings as well as a few bits and bobs like baskets,  key rings and stock a few other brands within my site when I feel they fit well.”

“I knew I wanted to keep doing Emeldo full time after realising the difference of working for yourself VS working for someone else. The freedom it gives you is what motivates me every day. I never want to have to work for someone else full time again. It was really draining and I don’t think I ever full found a job that paid well and I also LOVED.”




Emily feels very rewarded seeing all her amazing customers wearing her products “Especially if they pop up on TV or in magazines. It’s so amazing and motivating! And also being able to work while on holidays, that was a lightbulb moment where I realised I could be sipping a cocktail on the beach as well as creating new products”

Her favourite product are her Perspex tassel earrings. “I wear them as much as possible and pretty much give them away every time I’m wearing them to someone who loves them (also my downfall as I never actually have my own pairs). I love that they always get complimented and it gives me a chance to talk about my small business with new and interesting people.”

Running Emeldo has been a big learning experience for Emily. “Paying tax. Nightmare. I still haven’t worked that out. I just met a few days ago with a business manager / finance manager and he has made me realise how easy running a business can be. I have caused myself so much grief over the years with not having this sorted out and I wish I had of set it all up properly from the start. That would be my best piece of advice. Invest in that person initially and learn the business side of things when running a small business from the start and you will save yourself from the stress later on.​”




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