Kirsten, owner and creator of Each To Own, lives on a property outside in Northern NSW with her partner and little boy. “We moved out of Brisbane two years ago because my business is all online and we didn’t feel that we needed to stay in the city any longer. It was a great move and I now work out of my off-the-grid studio on our 60 acre property and life is a lot less hectic. We love hanging out with the new friends we have made in the area, going to the beach and enjoying the peace and quiet.”

“I started my business, Each To Own, in 2009 when my little boy was born and I was at home a little more from my shoe shop that I owned with my Dad in Brisbane. I opened an online shop with Etsy soon after and within a year I had left the shoe shop and was working full time from home. I sell laser cut acrylic and wooden jewellery, and homewares under the name Keep-oh, and we are still growing today as we enter our 8th year of hand making for a living. “We” is now myself and my partner, Richard, who now works the majority of his time with me in the business.”

I had always loved making and creating but there was little time for it in my day job. I dabbling in making a bit of assembled jewellery in my spare time when Clem was born and a friend asked me if I could make some stock for a Mother’s Day stall at her kid’s school. I did and when everything sold and people seemed happy I figured that I might give it a go selling at markets and online with Etsy. It was a lot of hard work; lots of nights when my baby was asleep and lots of weekends establishing the brand at markets in and around Brisbane. The big scary bit was when I went to the bank to get a loan to buy our laser cutter. It was a massive outlay for a business that was small and home based but it gave me a lot of freedom to create and to test materials. We established ourselves and then kept pushing our limits with techniques and materials that others didn’t have at the time, so we were able to create a really unique feel and look for Each To Own.”




We have always been able to push ourselves to develop new techniques and to take chances on, and develop, new materials for use in our business. We have introduced a lot of materials and techniques to the scene that are now widespread with a lot of laser cutters. We keep pushing ahead because it’s always been our way – it be original and to break ground. When we started out there we few people doing what we do and the market is now massive. But it is still easy to stand out as we have always followed our own path and I make what I would love to wear. It all comes from an original and honest place.”

“The best thing about running my business is that it’s home-based and very flexible. Sometimes it is hard having your work at your doorstep 24/7 if you are a bit of a workaholic, as I tended to be in the beginning, it can be a hard learning curve to establish where work finished and life begins. But all in all, choosing my own hours to fit around my family and friends is the greatest part.”

“My favourite product is our Classic Drops and Baby Drops that we have been making for 7 years now. They are glittery, colourful, fun, hard-working little earrings that do the job.  I can’t even BEGIN to think how many pairs are out there in the world.  They are a great little go-with-everything piece that’s a signature of ours.”

“With the majority of my business being online I find that photography is probably a bug-bear that I keep coming back to. It is expensive to have regular photoshoots – the models, make-up, photographer and planning all adds up to lots of money and lots of time.  I am so lucking that I have built some great relationships in the creative community and I find that we usually can all help each other out to do great shoots. It takes a lot of generosity of spirit but I have some really wonderful people in my creative community who usually help me out. I’ve been very lucky.”




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