Crystal Eclipse Crowns

Crystal Eclipse Crowns

Michelle is a one woman show behind Crystal Eclipse Crowns. She designs, creates and sells one of a kind quartz based accessories focusing mainly on crowns and headpieces. “As quartz is a natural material, each piece I make (even if it’s a standard design) is unique to the person who wears it. I also make a lot of custom changes, if someone wants a particular pattern, stone, wire, etc I am more then happy to accommodate. I love being able to make people happy and feel like queens/kings! I started this about 2 and a half years ago and have organically grown my Instagram base to over 11k followers, I’ve appeared in a number of magazines and blogs and have worked with some amazing influencers.”


“I’m originally from Canada and moved out to Australia on a whim about 5 years ago. I was doing odd jobs, but had never considered anything in the fashion or accessories industry before. I’ve always been a very tactile and creative person at heart, spending my days as a kid painting and drawing as opposed to getting my knees dirty in the grass or watching TV. This has been something that has always stayed with me and come out as a way to express myself and further my happiness in life. I like making things, I like using my hands. I actually still have a full time job at an accounting firm and as much as I know I have a successful business, I don’t make it my livelyhood. In doing this I think it helps me keep the fun and creativity in what I do as opposed to put the pressure on myself (which I am very guilty of). When I’m not working, or working, I am cuddling my dog (Frenchie named Geoff), or my partner (tall bearded man named Tom), or cooking/eating!”


“Back home, I used to wear a crown each year on my birthday. I didn’t bring any with me and a couple years in, I decided I needed to make one. Previously I had ones from dollar stores or bargain shops so I wanted something… better. I luckily found someone to purchase a small amount of quartz from, made what was in my head, and posted a photo of it in a Facebook group for Melbourne Creatives. That post was truly the catalyst, I think I cried after the 15th message of someone wanting me to make one for them too. I started my instagram that weekend and the rest is history. I look back on some of my first photos and designs and I have come such a long way in perfecting my craft.”


“The longer I’ve been in business the more I’ve seen copycats around, but I can’t let it get to me. I put so much love into each piece I make, I am not in it for the money, and there is nothing I want more then someone to love what they get. I make tons of custom changes as requested and am able to provide almost any request (for example, I was asked recently by a woman if I could make her a Jasper crown as her son’s name is Jasper – I made one and oh my god I may even love it more then she does). Each piece I have is named after a woman in my life who has inspired me, made me a better person and who is an all around bad ass queen. I didn’t just pull names out of a hat or think of something popular that someone may like, each piece – The Sarah, The Nayiri, The Amelia – these are my bestfriends. They’ve brought my life so much joy, and in turn I want their vibes to pass through the crowns and bring the wearer that same joy.”


Michelle has been able to use her business to support charities “Coming from Canada, same sex marriage has been legal for such a long time, it is so widely accepted there and I have been attending the pride parade since I was a child. As we are currently in the midst of a postal plebiscite in Australia to vote on same sex marriage, my heart is breaking. To see the hate and misunderstanding of what I would consider a basic human right is astonishing. Because I am not a permanent resident (yet) I don’t have the right to vote, but that doesn’t mean I can’t fight for it. I’ve started a promotion with my Sarah crown in rainbow quartz, that with every crown purchased I will donate 20% of the purchase price to a LGBTQI+ charity or cause of the purchasers choice. They buy a crown and at the same time tell me where to donate and I send them the donation straight after. When I posted this promotion, I got a message from a lovely gentleman thanking me, telling me how sad he has been for the past few weeks with everything thats been happening and telling me that what I am doing is helping him. That’s all I want. I want to be able to help people and I feel like I am in a position where not only can I help people, but I have to.”


“My all time favourite style has to be The Sarah. It can be so classic and understated and it comes in so many different variety of quartz. I would say it can go with basically any outfit as well, from a wedding dress to naked boobs full of glitter and gems. In the Sarah style – I love the multifaceted angel aura quartz. It shines such an amazing tone of rainbow in the sunlight that will never make my heart not flutter. But then… my current favourite is The Penny. Its a bold crown with multi level clear quartz with added filigree bead caps. What makes it the current fav though has to be the addition of the glittered sea shells along the base on The Penny. Oh, I love her!”


“My biggest challenge definitely has to be myself. I worry, a lot, hence why this can’t be my main gig – I couldn’t cope! I put a lot of pressure on myself if I have a bad week on sales or if someone isn’t completely happy and will definitely always bend over backwards for them even if the customer isn’t necessarily always right. I also say yes, all the time, to everything, even if it means staying up every evening making crowns and not giving my social/personal life enough time it deserves. I still don’t look at it as a business, its my creativity, my passion, an extension of me but I also don’t believe in myself as much as I should .. perhaps I don’t take every leap and bound presented to me.. and wonder what if..
I’m still learning!”



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