Meet Catherine and Stephanie the business mums behind Bebi & Beba.

Catherine started working in retail from a young age and fashion was always what interested me growing up. “I studied Fashion Merchandising and Marketing at RMIT University and I have worked in lots of different roles over the years, from sales assistant to managing stores, visual merchandising, to retail buying, product development and production. I was working for an Australian label in production/product development when I fell pregnant to my second baby, it was then that I decided that I wanted to stay home a little longer with my babies, so resigned from that role. Owning my own boutique was something that I have always wanted to do and I guess things just progressed naturally while I was at home. When I’m not working on Bebi & Beba, I love catching up with my girlfriends and family over a great meal (and wine!) and taking day trips with the husband and kiddies!”

Stephanie has extensive experience in the retail world, working for great companies such as Sportsgirl and Witchery. “My roles over the year have included sales assistant, assistant store manager and most recently stock room manager. It was always a dream of mine to own and run my own boutique, three years ago that dream came true when we launched Bebi & Beba. When I’m not working hard on growing Bebi & Beba, I love spending time with my family & friends – including my most recent arrival of my first baby – Christiana! I also love to travel and hope to do so very soon as a family of three!”

“Bebi & Beba was created in 2013 and officially launched in 2014, we celebrated our 3rd Birthday in August this year! We initially launched with a collection of kids labels from Australia and around the world that we loved. Labels such as Nununu, Sunday the Label, Quinn + Fox, Children of the Tribe among many others! Our vision was stock labels that were ‘cool’ and ‘edgy’; not your run of the mill kidswear that is so readily available. We also focussed a lot on unisex clothing, my eldest daughter was (and still is) not at all interested in princesses, pink, pretty ‘girly’ things and it was always a struggle to buy clothing she loved. She has her own super cool style and was therefore our original Bebi & Beba muse! We love supporting small designers whose vision/look we can relate to. Over time we started to include accessories/gifts and every year we launch a ‘Christmas Shop’ that we are always super excited about!”

“Bebi & Beba was launched at a time when we found ourselves at a crossroad career wise, owning a boutique was always something that we wanted to do and something that we always spoke about. It just happened that we were in same place and frame of mind when B&B was formed, it was just meant to be! The journey has been interesting to say the least! Lots of learning curves have been thrown in front of us while we navigate our way through small business ownership, throw in a couple of new babies, business restructure, working out the world of social media (I didn’t even know what a hashtag was when we started our insta account!) and so many moments of doubt – it can be utter chaos at times! At the moment we are focussing on launching our Christmas Shop while we work on a new direction for B&B in the new year. Stay tuned!”




“We have always said from the start that even though we are an online boutique, we wanted to be personable and excel in customer service. As avid shoppers ourselves we know what we like and what we don’t like in a shopping experience and we want to provide only the best experience to our customers. We have many people that have shopped with us repeatedly with us over the years, so I guess we are doing something right! Product wise, we want everything to make sense, to tell a story, to service likeminded people. We love design and unique products, products with an edge. So, whenever we do our buying, we look for products that will fit in with our overall look and that make sense next to everything else in our shop.”

“We love meeting new people, especially the designers of the brands that we carry! And of-course the friendships that we have formed with customers and so many other people along the way! I still love the buzz we get when a new order comes through, it means that someone likes what we are doing! One aspect I love that I hadn’t really thought much about when we started B&B, was how much fun it would be to style photoshoots and flaylays! We have a summer/Christmas photoshoot coming up shortly that we are excited about! It has become my favourite part of the job!”

“We have so many new things coming in over the next few weeks and I have to say I love all of them – my Christmas list at the moment solely consists of Bebi & Beba product. One thing I do love that we dropped recently is the Oli & Carol toy collection. We love the design features, but especially love the Oli & Carol brand ethos. They are all about ethical, socially responsible, natural, handmade, non-toxic toys – a direction we would definitely love to pursue going forward.”

“The biggest challenge we face on a daily basis is time! There never seems to be enough of it do to all the things that need to be done. We do all the website design, content, photography, buying, blogging, packing and posting orders and so many other things that come hand in hand with running a small business. While raising young families and all that entails, it can get a little overwhelming. We are lucky to have a small support group that are happy to help us when we need (thanks family!) and a few talented individuals to do those jobs that we just can’t get to.”




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