Hi, I am Jasmin, the owner and creator of Hang It Designs. I started the business back in 2015 and went “all in”, left my job and took a huge risk. There have been quite a few low points, but so many more highs. One of the main things that helped me along the way was the expansive Instagram community. Before I started my business I never knew there was such a diverse community at my disposal. My first, enlightening Instagram experience occurred when I was asked to join a loop giveaway. This was the single moment that gave me so much insight into the many business owners and start up’s just like myself. They were inspiring, supportive and always available when I needed support.

Creators Muse is a brand new oasis of inspiration whenever you need it. We introduce you to creators, business owners, stylists and designers across all industries, they will give you information about themselves as well as provide a little insight into their creative or business journeys and experiences.
Their success is more than the amount of followers they have, it’s about the journey that led them to where they are today and the path they will take to get them to where they want to be tomorrow.

There has never been a better day than today to get started on your creative journey!

I hope you enjoy reading!


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